What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Today music and massage therapists use them and other forms of singing bowls such as beautiful quartz bowls which come in a range of colours and sizes.

You’ll also see them at Yoga retreats to help calm the mind in preparation for a yoga practice.

They can be used by wellness practitioners and specialist sound therapists who recognise their healing potential.

Singing bowls are a form of sound therapy.

Their vibrations open up subtle energies, stimulating the mind and evaporating stress from the body.

It’s been said singing bowls have mystical powers. Their pulsing sounds entrain with the body so that it vibrates in resonance, this encourages the self-healing processes and begins to eliminate stress.

Indulge your ears and reach a state of deep relaxation, which in turn calms the nervous system, rejuvenates your body, and lifts up your soul.

Uses for Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Include...

Waves of calmness over your entire body allowing you to separate yourself from the issues in your life. That way you’ll soon rise above them.

Helps you to melt the stress away from your mind

When you hear sounds at certain frequencies they fill you with calm, peace, and spark your intuition.

You get back control over your mind and mood

You’ll find yourself going into even deeper states of meditation, so it feels like you have an “inner flame” that no matter how strong the wind, the flame never flickers

Physical and emotional healing felt almost instantly

Your energy circulation is renewed, and your body feels more balanced.

Improves self-confidence and self-esteem

Improves sleep and relaxation

Increases focus and productivity

Singing bowls need to be experienced in person to get the best benefit from them.

We have a selection of them for you to try out at The Dorset Pedlar.