Moon Gazing Hare

In issue #31 of Enchanted living you’ll find this excerpt.

“The hare is often shown as a delicate, tender, feminine symbol, and perhaps her association with the moon is a way to make gentle the often harsh mysteries of night-time.

After all, any night, no matter how dark, seems a bit more charming when watched over by a soft-eared hare guardian in the moon’s light.”

Many moons ago – excuse the pun - it was believed that if you saw a “moon gazing hare” it was a sign of abundance and good fortune. Pagans saw this symbol as a sign of rebirth, new beginnings and growth.

There is a myth surrounding Queen Boudicca and the “Hare Goddess.” Legend has it that before going into battle with the Romans she prayed to the hare goddess for victory.

Apparently even the Saxons believed in and prayed to a hare goddess.

 Even today the Hare is considered a sacred animal, interwoven with the earth or “The White Goddess.” The provider of all things.