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Enliven Your Sense of Smell

There it is right in the centre of your face surrounded by three other senses. Up north it’s your eyes. East and west are your ears. Down south your mouth.

These senses are lauded yet the nose hardly gets any credit for the good work it does.

Yes, we need to be able to see our way around,. Hear other when they speak to us and enjoy the taste of good food (and wine.)

But your nose is the fastest route to your brain.

Right into the emotional centre known as the limbic system.

And dogs can outdo us in terms of smell but ask it to tell you the difference between Ben & Jerrys ice cream or Mr Whippy’s and it hasn’t got a clue.

No animal has the sophistication we humans have when it comes to the sense of smell.

We can smell food that has gone off.

We can smell elegant perfume and be aroused by it immediately.

Why is that?

Your sense of smell is your most mysterious sense. It can invoke memories, taking you back to your childhood, adolescent, and early adulthood,

It has a direct link to your emotion brain. Your subconscious mind.

Your sense of smell is the most aligned sense to your emotions and memories.

Smell is the most emotional and evocative of our senses. It can bring back memories faster than a photograph.

We can recall the smell of a loved one, our favourite cheese, things we hate and things we love.

When you take command of this extraordinary yet often overlooked sense you can change your mood in seconds.

Smell plays a significant role in your mental life. Certain smells evoke calmness, a sense of relaxation and elevate your emotions so you feel more energised and alive.

These are some of the many reasons we have a large selection of incense sticks, essential oil burners, essential oils, and aroma therapy diffusers.

On this page is a small sample of what The Dorset Pedlar offers. You’ll need to experience some of these smells by coming to our shop the next time you’re in Bridport.

Below is a description of some smells you’ll experience at The Dorset Pedlar.

Candle. Waxy, resinous, honeyed, ecclesiastical.

Cedarwood. Warm and resinous; the smell of pencils

Chocolate. Rich, vanilla-sweet, nutty, thick, roasted smell like a sweet gravy; suave. Sorry that’s our private stash not available to the public.