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Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gods and Goddesses and Symbolism

Our world is full of symbolism. Some simple. Some complex. Throughout history symbols have been used as a form of communication and expression.

When you come to the Dorset Pedlar, you will find stunning examples of symbolism and images that represent divine beings and universal truths.

We are respectful of and inclusive in our approach to divine representations and cultural symbolism.

You’ll find symbols that speak to us all, individually, in different ways and at different times. And others that represent love and positivity and sometimes even purpose.

Buddha and Bodhisattva Statues and Images.

The term ‘Buddha’ refers to a being who has attained the state of Nirvana or enlightenment.

And has become free of the karmic cycle of rebirth through insight and spiritual development.

A Bodhisattva is a being that has partly or fully attained that state but who delays experiencing the bliss of Nirvana to pursue a goal.

Their goal is usually to help all other living creatures to free themselves from suffering and attain enlightenment.

Guan Yin, is the Chinese Bodhisattva or Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness.

She is considered to be a mother-goddess and patron of seamen.

She is said to have given up her transition to Nirvana to save all the children of god.

Her history, tradition and name (meaning "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the (human) World"), differs from culture to culture but she is respected by all.

In Chinese Buddhism, Guan Yin is believed to be a manifestation of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, in other Buddhist traditions, this manifestation is known as Padmapani; the helper of all in dire need.

As you walk up to the counter the Dorset Pedlar, you’ll see we have a most beautiful statue of Guan Yin.

She sits watching over us.

Another symbol you’ll find in the Dorset Pedlar is Tara, a female Bodhisattva and a Goddess in Hinduism.

She is important in her representation of maternal compassion.

But she can be fierce.

She can appear in many forms and colours, each with their own meaning and purpose.

Several gods and deities originating from the ancient Vedas and from Hinduism have been assimilated into Buddhist and Jain traditions.

And of these, the elephant god, Ganesh, holds a very special place as the impartial protector of wisdom.

At the Dorset Pedlar, you may find images and figures of Ganesh in many vibrant forms and colours.

All of them majestic.

The Laughing Buddha

Now we come to the wonderful 

Laughing Buddha.

You may not know this the Laughing Buddha not a true buddha. It’s a manifestation of the Chinese master of Zen, Poe-Tai-Hoshang.

He lived somewhere between the 6th and 10th centuries. Often seen wandering throughout China in his carefree and happy state, often surrounded by children.

Having discovered his ‘buddha within’ his laughing face, beautiful bald round head and pot belly still symbolises good fortune, happiness, and contentment. Together with a sense of freedom from worldly cares.

Statues and images of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gods and Goddesses placed throughout your home or garden can be a powerful reminder to persevere in our own meditation practice.

Many people place their Buddha statues in their meditation room, in the garden or in various places throughout the house.

But wherever you decide to place them these statues and images of beauty will improve your home in several ways.

Buddha Statues and images can be visual symbols and reminders of inner peace, good fortune, healing, calm and can be a powerful motivational reminder that each and every one of us has the Buddha nature within us.

Try staring at an image of Buddha and you’ll soon find a moment of peace and clarity.

According to the Buddhist doctrine, a Buddha statue is the most effective tool for instilling self-control, and serenity of mind.

More than that people believe that by keeping Buddha idols in their houses they will walk easily on the spiritual path.

Some people say it's a blessing and brings added good luck, protection, or abundance when another person buys you a buddha.

As soon as you walk in the door of The Dorset Pedlar you’ll find a range of Buddha and Bodhisattva Statues and images in various poses and guises.

Each one of which has significance and meaning.

There is an abundance of good information available if you want to explore this further.

However, you may just want to experience the beauty of these symbols in the here and now.  

Cultural Symbolism
The Green Man
Spiral Goddess
Tree of Life
Flower of Life
and others

The term "Green Man" is thought to be a type of architectural feature from carvings at St. Jerome’s Church in Llangwm, Monmouthshire.

Lady Raglan wrote about the Green Man in her 1939 article  in The Folklore Journal. The title was, "The Green Man in Church Architecture."

Interestingly, the tradition of the Green Man being carved onto Christian churches exists across Europe even to this day.

The Green Man is a legendary being, primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of new growth that occurs every spring.

Some people think that the Green Man was a bridge between the new beliefs of Christianity and the old pagan beliefs it replaced.

Others associate him with folklore.

Some say he is Jack in the Green, Robin of the Hood, or Herne the Hunter depending on which parts of England you’re in.

References to the Green Man can even be found in J.M. Barrie's classic Peter Pan - an eternally youthful boy, dressed in green and living in the forest with the wild animals.

The Green Man is usually seen as a human face surrounded by dense foliage. These images appear as far back as the eleventh century, in church carvings. As Christianity spread, the Green Man went into hiding, with stonemasons leaving secret images of his face around cathedrals and churches.

The Green Man can be found in many different guises.

When you come to The Dorset Pedlar you’ll find many examples like the ones on this page.

Crystals and Stones.

Whether you label crystals as crystals, stones, semi-precious, precious, agates-doesn’t matter because the more you understand about and experience crystals and the more effective they can be for you.

A crystal is a solid body with a geometrically regular shape. Crystals were created as the Earth formed and they have continued to metamorphose as the planet itself has changed.

Crystals are the Earth’s DNA, a chemical imprint for evolution.

Enter the world of crystals and be prepared to find true magic in your life.

They are miniature storehouses, containing the records of the development of the Earth over millions of years, and bearing the indelible memory of the powerful forces that shaped it.

Some have been subjected to enormous pressure, others grew in chambers deep underground, some were laid down in layers, others dripped into being.

All of which affects their properties and the way they function. Whatever form they take, their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy, especially on the electromagnetic wave band.

While all crystals absorb and emit subtle energy, each individual crystal type has a unique vibrational ‘signature.’

While it may appear tranquil and still, at the crystal’s molecular level it is a powerhouse of energy.

This energy is what endows the crystal with its attributes and defines the gifts it brings.

Through the ages crystals have been worn for their beauty, as symbols of power and divinity, or for their therapeutic and beneficial effects.

They have even been used to enhance spirituality because many people believe that crystals are centres or channels for spiritual powers.

People who enjoy Nature see crystals as carrying the special blessing of Mother Goddess.

Others believe that crystals are merely convenient tools for focusing their mental energies.

Whatever your prospective when you come into The Dorset Pedlar you will discover your own special crystals that will help to enhance your life in a variety of ways.

Tarot Cards

According to Angeles Arrien in her book The Tarot Handbook, “The tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness and an ancient book of wisdom that reveals to us visually and symbolically the creative ideas and states of consciousness that appear in multiple existence in all cultures.”

The Tarot could well be the western equivalent to the Oriental book of changes, the I Ching. Because they are reflective books of wisdom that address the human experience in relationship to change and transformation.

Both are used to guide and validate a person’s current experience. They can be seen as synchronistic mirrors of inner and outer changes.

In other words the symbols from a reading are accurately mirroring people’s current issues.

Many people see the tarot in a fortune telling context. 

But what if they began to see it as an important self-help tool that inspires, clarifies, and validates a person’s current issues, goals, and choices?

“The tarot could be described as Gods Picture Book, or it could be likened to a celestial game of chess, the Trumps being the pieces to be moved according to the law of their own order over a chequered board of the four elements.”

Lady Frieda Harris.

Instructions for Alistair Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck.

"Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet."

As you work with any Tarot deck, use the symbols as keys or creative ideas that can help you unlock the unseen connections or facts and therefore enable you to penetrate deeper into the mystery of life.

Some say the Tarot reflects the opportunity one has to see that life is a process of “walking the mystical path with practical feet.”

And as a map of consciousness, it also can be used in the everyday world aiding in the spiritual growth and evolution of each person.

Most Tarot decks have a Minor Arcana, which has four suits, each with 14 cards, and ace through 10, a senior male figure, sometimes the Knight, a senior female figure, often the Queen, a junior male and female figure such as a Prince, and Princess of each suit.

Some of the contemporary designers choose to use descriptions of the ‘royalty’ figures that fit more comfortably with their views on gender and hierarchy.

They also have a Major Arcana, with 22 cards, starting from zero and with Roman numerals one through XX1.

The Major Arcana reveals life principles, universal laws, or the collective experiences that we all have.

This is similar to the I Ching because it deals with metaphors and visual representations of internal and external changes that people experience in general.

The Minor Arcana has four suits. Swords, Cups, Wands, and Disks (sometimes called Pentacles or Coins).

The Swords represents people’s internal beliefs, ideas, and quality of thinking. In other words Swords are pictures of our thoughts.

Cups are visual representations of emotional and psychological factors. These include our responses, reactions, and feelings.

Cups also reveal any emotional state from happiness and satisfaction to disappointment, anger, fear, and inertia.

Wands indicate the quality of vision, insight, energy, vitality, perception, and spontaneity.

Disks (or Pentacles, Coins) reveal to us our ability to manifest what we want in the outer world in terms of work, creativity, relationships, and health.

No matter which Tarot deck or decks you choose they will reveal to you how the mind and heart can be opened to the utter wonder of what’s going on internally and externally in your life and beyond, at any moment in time.

When you come into The Dorset Pedlar you’ll find our range of Tarot decks straight ahead on the counter and on the ‘angel’, ‘fairy’ and ‘steampunk’ shelves.

Take your time and browse and connect with the Tarot that “speaks” to you.

Healing Sounds

Bowls, bells, gongs, drums and an assortment of ‘Sound Therapy” instruments.

Besides being beautiful to look at many of the healing sound items you’ll find here have a history or tradition attached to them.

You may find your joy comes from self-discovery and wonder as you make colourful sounds with each instrument.

Or you may like to know a little about the history and use in different cultures and religions..

Either way this can be the first step of an adventure in sound that can last a lifetime.

There are many wonderful Sound Therapy Practitioners who work with one or many sound producing objects in their practices.

Many offer one to one sessions and ‘sound baths’.

They are referred to as ‘gong’ or ‘sound’ baths because they gently “bathe” the listener in sound waves that resonate with different chakras or parts of your body. It is believed that sound therapy can reduce stress and release emotional blockages and they can also promote feelings of deep relaxation.

You can learn how to work with these sounds in your own practice or simply for the joy of it.

As you listen to the healing sounds your brain produces “Alpha brain waves.”

This frequency range acts as a bridge between your conscious thinking and your subconscious mind. Giving you access to deeper emotions.

In other words, alpha is the frequency range between beta the faster brain waves and theta the slower and deeper states of consciousness.

The Benefits of Alpha Brain Waves

Have you ever felt completely relaxed?

And a sense that everything will be fine, and things will always work in your favour. That's exactly what the Alpha state is.

It is easy to reach this desired state, even for novices.

Did you know that certain sounds can put your brain into a relaxed state using audio resonance?

Here is a simple example known as “Entrainment.”

When you strike a tuning fork and then put another one next to it, the second tuning fork automatically starts to vibrate at exactly the same frequency.   It’s the same with the healing sounds of bowls and gongs and indeed any of the methods used in sound therapy.   Here’s how they can affect your body...

They stimulate your brainwaves with a low frequency.

The emanating sounds feel as if they are gently caressing your head from the inside. What an incredible, euphoric feeling. Alpha brainwaves vary between 8 and 13 hertz and are commonly associated with creative work, learning and the arts.

Healing Gongs

The healing qualities of gongs were used in ancient cultures such as Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Mongols, and Uighers.

The gong goes back to the 6th century in the time of the Emperor Hsuan Wu,

       Originating in the country of His Yu in the western area in what was the Jang Kingdom between Tibet and Burma.

    Researchers believe gong making was known as early as 4,000BC and ancient alchemy sources put the gong as far out as 16,000BC.

    Gong Therapy, also known as Gong Bath, is a type of sound therapy that allows the mind to relax into a calm and meditative brainwave state.

What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl? 

Today music and massage therapists use them and other forms of singing bowls such as beautiful quartz bowls which come in a range of colours and sizes.

You’ll also see them at Yoga retreats to help calm the mind in preparation for a yoga practice.

They can be used by wellness practitioners and specialist sound therapists who recognise their healing potential.

Singing bowls are a form of sound therapy.

Their vibrations open up subtle energies, stimulating the mind and evaporating stress from the body.

It’s been said singing bowls have mystical powers. Their pulsing sounds entrain with the body so that it vibrates in resonance, this encourages the self-healing processes and begins to eliminate stress.

Indulge your ears and reach a state of deep relaxation, which in turn calms the nervous system, rejuvenates your body, and lifts up your soul.

Moon Gazing Hare

In issue #31 of Enchanted living you’ll find this excerpt.

“The hare is often shown as a delicate, tender, feminine symbol, and perhaps her association with the moon is a way to make gentle the often harsh mysteries of night-time.

After all, any night, no matter how dark, seems a bit more charming when watched over by a soft-eared hare guardian in the moon’s light.”

Many moons ago – excuse the pun - it was believed that if you saw a “moon gazing hare” it was a sign of abundance and good fortune. Pagans saw this symbol as a sign of rebirth, new beginnings and growth.

There is a myth surrounding Queen Boudicca and the “Hare Goddess.” Legend has it that before going into battle with the Romans she prayed to the hare goddess for victory.

Apparently even the Saxons believed in and prayed to a hare goddess.

 Even today the Hare is considered a sacred animal, interwoven with the earth or “The White Goddess.” The provider of all things.

Our Story

Heather and Mark are delighted to be the latest owners of The Dorset Pedlar. Since March 2021 we have enjoyed meeting our customers who love the same things as we love.
Heather has visited the shop for many years and when Mark said he had the opportunity to take it over, she was overjoyed.

Here are more examples of fascinating things you'll find at The Dorset Pedlar...

How to use your crystal wand...

Crystal wands come in all shapes and sizes. Some are long others are short.

One end can be pointed while the other one rounded.

It all depends on your preference.

We have a number of these crystal wands always available.

Some people use them to balance their chakras. Others use them with Reiki.

They can store and direct energy. This is one reason people use them for healing purposes.

Over the years crystal wands have been used to attract wealth and opportunities.

Help find love and long-lasting relationships.

It all depends on your intention when using one of these energy enhancing wands.

Tongue Drums

These mini hand pan drums sound amazing.

And nothing like what you’d expect.

As you listen to the sounds vibrating they go right into your body. Soon you’ll find they have a calming, uplifting effect on you.

It’s been said that music is the healer and when you come and either play or listen to a mini pan drum you’ll soon discover why.

In fact, the more you hear them, the more you’ll go not a euphoric state of waking meditation.

Also known as “Tongue Drums” they are designed with mathematical precision.

With a diameter of 36cm (36 being a multiple of the number 3 which is often used in sacred geometry, art and sacred site layouts.

Each drum is designed to be simple to play, even for a complete novice.

A harmonious tune can easily be played within minutes. Part of the appeal of these drums is that they are fun to experiment with different sound patterns, but we must warn you; they are highly addictive!

Come into The Dorset Pedlar any day between 10 am and 4.30 pm and try them out for yourself.

We think you’ll be surprised. 

From Joylina Goodings...

Psychic Development

In this wonderful, easy to follow book you’ll discover things about yourself that may surprise you.

On page 10 there is a “How intuitive are you” quiz.

What is psychic ability? Find out on page 14.

Use of colour and your psychic self. Page 49. (Rare Insights.)

 Colour exercise to detect auras. Page 57. (Even if you think you can’t see auras.)

Chapter 6, everything you need to know to understand the chakras. (With beautiful colour illustrations.)

If you’ve ever wondered how to manage energies, it’s all there in chapter 7. (Page 76.)

Find out which “clair are you” on page 100. (This may surprise you as there are at least 6.)

A meditation for meeting your spirit guide can be found on page 113.

If you want to know which divinatory tools will work best for you see chapter 11.

The book comes with an 18x24” wall chart for easy recall of the main ideas in this fabulously written book.

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