The Dorset Pedlar...

One of Bridport’s most popular shops for anything out of the ordinary.

If you need inspiration for presents for friends or family come and browse anytime between 10am & 4pm Monday to Saturday.

We have an interesting selection of Tarot cards.

The best book EVER on the Tarot.

Other books about crystals, auras, meditation dreams, angel guides, and more,

Healing Gongs... Buddha Statues... Tongue Drums...

You’ll find sound healing instruments like healing gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and – just in – a number of Tongue drums.

There’s all kinds of candles, scented and non-scented, coloured or plain.

Numerous Essential oils.

Various incense sticks along with a good choice of oil diffusers and burners.

Traditional Green Man symbols.

Buddha statues, moon gazing hares, and in the window there’s a hand painted chakra stone display.

Beautiful crystals from small to exquisite.

Jewellery and accessories.

Hand and body soaps.

Massage oils.

Gifts and more...

And if you still can’t choose from our 100’s of gifts - plan B – our gift cards.

After all, if they choose something – it can’t be wrong.

Come and visit us at 54 South Street, Bridport. 01308 420 171 or see our latest updates on Facebook.