Physic Development

In this wonderful, easy to follow book you’ll discover things about yourself that may surprise you.

On page 10 there is a “How intuitive are you” quiz.

What is psychic ability? Find out on page 14.

Use of colour and your psychic self. Page 49. (Rare Insights.)

 Colour exercise to detect auras. Page 57. (Even if you think you can’t see auras.)

Chapter 6, everything you need to know to understand the chakras. (With beautiful colour illustrations.)

If you’ve ever wondered how to manage energies, it’s all there in chapter 7. (Page 76.)

Find out which “clair are you” on page 100. (This may surprise you as there are at least 6.)

A meditation for meeting your spirit guide can be found on page 113.

If you want to know which divinatory tools will work best for you see chapter 11.

The book comes with an 18x24” wall chart for easy recall of the main ideas in this fabulously written book.